2015 CATAP Workshop and Conference

Announcing the 2015 CATAP Workshop (October 17th – 18th)

and Conference (October 19th – 21st).

CATAP 2015 Conference Brochure (click to download)

On behalf of the Board of Directors and our President Keith Hammond, we welcome you to the 2015 CATAP workshop and conference in beautiful Lake Louise! 

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Please note that specific speakers may be subject to change and this may not reflect the final program.

Workshop (October 17 & 18, 2015)

9:00-16:00 (Oct 17 & 18)

Responding to the significant demand from our membership, we will be hosting only one workshop this year, Mental Disorder and Threat Assessment Workshop, hosted by Stephen Hart, PhD,(Simon Fraser University and ProActive ReSolutions, Inc.) and

Laura Guy, PhD, (ProActive ReSolutions, Inc.)

This skills-based workshop will address the role and relevance of mental disorder for threat assessment, focusing on substance use, personality, psychotic spectrum, and major mood disorders. 

Call for Posters

2015 Conference Call for Posters

*** Due August 1st, 2015 ***

Hotel and Travel Logistics


This year our conference is being held at the beautiful and historic Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. This is a stunning location and property.

We have an excellent rate – $211/night (excluding resort fees and taxes) – and would recommend that you book early to ensure you secure a room under our room block. To do so please use this link: https://resweb.passkey.com/go/catap2015

Travel Logistics

From the Calgary international airport you have two formal options to get to Lake Louise: car rental or shuttle bus. Brewsters Travel Canada (www.brewsterbus.ca) (1.866.606.6700) has offered CATAP attendees a 15% discount on-line by entering promo code CATAP2015. 

Promo code is available for travel between October 16–23, 2015. 

Please be aware October has reduced shuttle bus operations. The last shuttle departing YYC is 6:30 pm. 

The Fairmont Chateau, Lake Louise, Alberta


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Conference (October 19, 20, & 21, 2015)

Click to download conference brochure for up-to-date timings of conference talks

Please note that specific timings of talks and individual speakers may be subject to change and may not reflect the final program.

Phil Gurski, Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting 

"Batting 1.000 - Forever: Threat and Risk Models and Violent Radicalization in Canada"

What can threat and risk models do for us when it comes to understanding and countering violent radicalization?  A look at case studies in Canada over the past 15 years as seen through the eyes of a former intelligence analyst at CSIS.

Molly A. Amman, FBI Critical Incident Response Group - Behavioral Analysis Unit 

"The Boy in the Bunker – Assessing an Active Hostage Crisis"

How do traditional threat assessment and management techniques fit into an active crisis response? Ms. Amman will provide a case presentation of the Behavioural Analysis Unit’s action during a six-day deployment following a murder of a bus driver and hostage taking of a five year old boy.

Michael McEvoy, Office of Information Privacy Commission of British Columbia

“Sharing Information in Emergent Circumstances --- The Myth of Privacy Obstacles”

Municipal, provincial, and federal legislation secure an individual’s right to privacy, but permit information to be shared to protect others from harm. Legal duties and liabilities related to threat assessment will be discussed & guidance for professionals in law enforcement, health, higher education, and other workplace settings will be provided by the BC Deputy Commissioner of OIPC.

Reid Meloy, PhD, University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine and the San Diego Psychoanalytic Center 

“Investigating the Lone Terrorist: New Research, Operational Advancements”

Dr. Meloy will provide an investigative template for operational use in counter-terrorism efforts. His TRAP-18 is enhanced and supported by new European and North American data sets. Translation of scholarship into practical operational use will be emphasized.

Lynn Van Male, PhDVeterans Health Administration

“Workplace Violence Prevention in Health Care: Successes and Lessons Learned”

Dr. Van Male will discuss a 5-element model for comprehensive violence prevention in health care and explore challenges and solutions regarding program implementation. A case study will highlight multi-agency collaboration within the context of health care settings.

Alasdair Goodwill, PhD, Ryerson University 

Imre Juurlink, MADirector, Violence Risk Management Office, Ryerson University

Assessing Anonymous Threat Communications: A University Setting Case Study Utilizing Investigation, Assessment and Management

Anonymous Threat Communicators pose a difficult problem for threat assessors as there is limited ability to engage with the sender, making a ‘standard’ threat assessment approach largely untenable. The case study will highlight the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to threat assessment, including behavioural analysis, and advance best-practice.

Bert Choy, MD, Forensic Psychiatry Northern Alberta

Liam Ennis, PhD, Integrated Threat & Risk Assessment Centre
“Mental Illness and the Management of Risk for Targeted Violence: A Series of Case Studies”

There has been considerable debate regarding the relevance and relative importance of mental illness as a risk factor for future violence. Drs. Ennis and Choy will present cases illustrating the ways in which mental illness can influence risk for violence, and suggest strategies for managing that risk.

Mark Evans, MA, Senior Manager Corporate Security, WorkSafeBC 

“WorkSafeBC: Strategies in Handling High Risk Clients”

WorkSafeBC handles high risk clients through their client management strategy. Mr. Evans will demonstrate how this strategy functions in conjunction with an integrated threat management system, advanced threat assessment, response triage and integration with other police and government agencies. Case studies will touch on the use of this strategy including threats of self-immolation to the use of explosives.

Post-Secondary Special Interest Group (SIG) Bonus Sessions

Kelly Nicholson, MA, JD, Field Law 

Stephen Hart, PhD, Simon Fraser University and ProActive Resolutions, Inc.

“Critical Legal Issues Related to Threat Assessment and Management in Higher Education”

This session will focus on duty to accommodate in cases where mental disorder is present, managing parallel investigations, the use of voluntary or involuntary leave as an interim or long-term management strategy and balancing the right to privacy versus freedom of information.

Det. Rik HallSeattle Police Department and FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force 

“Left Wing on the Left Coast: A Look at Left-Wing Extremism in the Pacific Northwest”

Det. Hall will focus on trends of left wing activity and discuss detection, disruption, and deterrence of direct action individuals and groups. A case study from the Puget Sound will be presented.

Peter Collins, MD, University of Toronto and Ontario Provincial Police

"Extremism: Operational Implications for Threat Assessment"

Building on the foundation provided by Det. Hall, Dr. Collins will discuss best practices in threat assessment related to investigating, interrupting, and mitigating the actions of anarchist and related extremist behaviour.


We are pleased to announce that for the third year in a row the workshop and conference fees for CATAP members remain unchanged.

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Full refund prior to October 2, 2015.

50% refund prior to October 10, 2015.

Sorry, no refunds after October 10, 2015.

The annual fee for CATAP membership is $105 (GST incl)

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